Birding tour to the Caucasus and steppes of Georgia

10 days
fully booked
The Caucasus encompasses an enormous diversity of habitats and is home to spectacular bird species. In spring, its beauty reaches a climax. Let us take you on a bird watching journey to observe the bird species of the Caucasus in a stunning setting! 
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Birding trip to Papua: Birds-of-paradise and other wildlife

18 days
2 seats left
Papua is a dream destination for every birdwatcher. During this expedition, we'll be looking out for Birds-of-paradise and taking in Papua’s nature. A unique and exceptional nature trip in unspoilt wilderness.   
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Inside the Bornean Jungle: tracking fauna and flora!

13 days
fully booked
The Bornean jungle: a paradise with allures that remind one of  National Geographics' documentaries. Bornean Orangutan, colorful Kingfishers, jumping Tarsiers, giant Crocodiles, minuscule tree frogs and flowering orchids. STARLING offers an exciting and diverse nature trip in a beautiful country with stunning nature.
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